13 Must Sewing Essentials for Beginners


Sewing is similar to cooking. As in cooking, you need to have the right choice of seasoning and ingredients, just as in sewing, you need to have the right set of tools.

The sewing essentials for beginners are all about getting the right set of kits, and having the right needles and threads, to get started with sewing techniques. Whether it’s your first fashion project or a first craft project, you should have the perfect set of sewing tools as a beginner.

 So dive in to have a look at what are the essentials for sewing for beginners.

  1. Seam rippers

Seam rippers are one of the nifty tools which you must have as an essential sewing tool. If there is an error in stitching, you just need to use the tool, pluck the thread and you can start again.

  1. Fabric scissors

Get your hands on the perfect set of fabric scissors, which are sharp and designed in such a way that they help you cut through the fabric. The fabric scissors come with a perfect set of blades, ideal for your beginning sewing projects. The fabric scissors should be such that they have pointed blades at an angle that allows you to work easily on the cutting fabric.

  1. Embroidery scissors 

Apart from the fabric scissors, you need to have the embroidery scissors, which are perfect for cutting the sewing thread and embroidery thread in multi-plys. The long pointy sharp tips allow you to snip all the threads in tight areas, having a clean seamless cut without any frays. Embroidery is all about being precise and clean, with the perfect set of sewing tools allowing you to have clean ends.

  1. Magnetic pin holder 

The magnetic pin holder is essential for beginners because if you have so many pins lying down over the floor, you might get annoyed while picking them up, which is why it is great to have a magnetic pin holder which allows you to easily place the pins in one place.

  1. Washable markers/ chalk

Get the washable markers or the chalk, which allow you to mark the measurements of the fabric, helping you out in cutting down the lines with your sewing machine. A regular pen does not work well as you might leave some marks over the clothes, which is why it is essential to have washable markers or chalk.

  1. Seam gauge 

A seam gauge is another essential tool for a beginner. It has markings and helps in measuring the width. This sturdy, straight tool features an adjustable notch, which is more reliable compared to the measuring tape. It helps in measuring the hem widths along with the buttonhole width and so on, which sets you apart from other beginners.

  1. Tape measure

A tape measure is essential for all beginners in the sewing kit. If you are measuring the fabric or the amount that you are going to use for the craft project or the fashion project that you are going to make, you need to be successful by measuring the correct fabric. In the end, you need to make the right product, neither too big nor too small, with the perfect measurement.

  1. Pinking shears

Pinking shears are another important tool that you need to have in your sewing kit as a beginner. The tool comes with sawtooth blades rather than a straight blade, allowing you to have the zigzag line rather than the straight line, which is utilized for practical purposes during your project. If your finished product has an irregular edge, then you can cut the fabric without any frays, leading to a clean and perfect finish.

  1. Threads 

Threads are an important part of a sewing kit. You cannot sew if you don’t have the right choice of thread. Threads are available in different types, ranging from cotton, silk, and polyester. If you don’t have the right choice of threads for sewing, you won’t be able to do great.

  1. Rotary cutter

A rotary cutter is another important tool that you need to have in your sewing kit as a beginner. It allows users to easily cut the curves in an accurate way with circular blades that are rotating in nature. Simply cut the fabric layer using the rotary cutters which are efficient in such a way that you can easily have the same size and shape as the cutout pieces. The rotary cutters are available in different sizes and shapes which can be utilized for different purposes. There are small rotary cutters that are perfect for cutting intricate curves which are small. The large rotary cutters are perfect for cutting large broad curves with straight lines.

  1. Dryer sheets or parchment paper

The dryer sheets or parchment paper are also essential for beginners in their sewing kit because, in your sewing machine, the dryer sheets serve as the perfect little hack, allowing you to move on. Trace the pattern over the dryer sheet and then place this sheet over the fabric, then use the sewing machine over the pattern and place this dryer sheet over the fabric. Next, you can cut down the pattern and avoid using any access fabric. Snip small holes within the dryer sheet and then push your fabric inside out, which allows you to take away all the raw edges and enjoy appliqueing.

  1. Quilter’s ruler 

A quilter’s ruler is also essential that you must have as a beginner in your sewing kit. It helps in measuring, marking, and cutting down the quilting pieces. Such rulers are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. The large ruler helps with additional shapes and angles that are printed over them. Such rulers might seem daunting, but they help in achieving your fun-filled sewing task effectively.

  1. Band-aids 

Last but not the least, you need to have the thimbles, plasters, or band-aids which help in keeping the blood away from the precious fabrics. It is a difficult task, and you might bleed if you insert the needle into your fingers, which is why it is essential to have band-aids or thimbles.

Sewing is one of the significant tasks and an important skill that you must know. So master the skill by having all your essentials to get started today!

Happy sewing!!


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