How To Choose The Best Thread for Sewing Leather


Thread for Sewing Leather

Sewing leather isn’t as simple as sewing other fabrics. You will need specific types of thread for perfect stitching. If sewing leather sounds horrible, you need proper knowledge about the threads and the sewing process. It is possible to end up with excellent results only when you use the correct thread types. And for that, you must pay attention to some crucial factors. 

Leather Thread

Threads used to sew leather goods are not the ones you use for ordinary sewing, and they are known as leather threads. These threads are to give you classy visuals along with durability. They join the leather pieces beautifully while adding an attractive touch. They are of different types, sizes, and colors to offer you the desired look. Such factors prominently affect the look of your leather goods. It is the reason people stay careful while choosing a leather thread for their project. 

To choose the correct leather thread type, have a look at the factors we have discussed below:

Types of Thread for Sewing Leather

The thread used for sewing leather is not the same as you use for usual cloth or fabric. However, they are strongly durable to hold pressure and keep the leather joined. So let’s begin with the types.

Bonded Nylon

For sewing leather, you need a strong thread, and bonded nylon is one of the best options. It is the fusion of multiple polyester fiber strands to enhance durability. The bond of more than one strand ensures that it is the best one for working with leather. It is also a less expensive option with great strength. The availability of various colors and sizes of bonded nylon makes it a top choice for smoother and cleaner leather sewing. 

On an industrial machine, bonded nylon can also add a perfect decorative touch to your leather goods with ease because of reduced friction. The bonding process is responsible for decreasing friction. The attractive look of bonded nylon on your leather will enhance the elegance of the item. Appropriate stitch length can do the job without damaging the leather. Even when working with thicker leather goods, you will also be saved from traveling issues.

Waxed Polyester

Polyester threads are stronger and lighter. It means they will be a firm option with less weight as they are made of plastic. And if it’s waxed, it is more beneficial to be used on leather. The resistance will be increased against dirt, dust, and stains. It means you are going to have an impressive stitch on your leather project. You can also opt for non-waxed polyester if you are working on your home sewing machine, as such machines are unable to handle waxed threads. But for multiple-layer leather goods, a waxed thread is a great option. Polyester threads are also known for their UV resistance that lets you walk outdoors carrying your leather item without any worries. Moreover, the wide color range allows you to go for your favorite color thread without compromising the quality. 

Waxed Linen

Pure cotton fibers are used to make linen thread, so it is not that sturdy. But the look and feel of linen thread are exceptional, which is why it is preferred by many. The coating on the linen thread makes it suitable for sewing leather, focusing on fashion trends and not just sewing. The only thing to keep in mind is that using a linen thread for machine sewing is not recommended because of the less durability of the thread and wax coating. If you use a home sewing machine, the coating can disturb your sewing process. 

Waxed linen is also less stretchy and stiff for providing a bold and clean look to your leather goods. Because of its rot and water resistance, you will get a chance to notice the long-term beauty of this thread on your leather project. It is made uniquely to handle daily wear and tear. 

Shapes and Colors

It may sound simple, but it’s not. Choosing the right color and size of the thread for sewing leather is also crucial for the required results. Not every color you think looks nice will match with the leather dye. Without correct contrasting, the project will look so bad. Unlike earlier times, there are many color choices to make it easier for you. The color of the thread can make a huge difference in your project so make sure you try placing different colors on the leather or pick up decent and natural colors.

Now coming to the size. You may think, how does it matter? Let me explain. Leather sewing is quite different from simple fabric sewing. The results and stitches are pretty prominent, so proper attention is paid to every detail or enhanced visuals. The size of the thread is one of those details. You can get a finely or broadly braided one or even a flat thread. Every thread has a unique look, so choose wisely.

Thread Size

The size of the thread can have a significant impact on the final results, along with the durability. For example, if you are switching to the thicker piece of leather for some rough and tough items, you will also need to go for a thicker thread. Thread measurements can be done in both inches and millimeters. For lightweight items, it is good to use a thread of 46-138. Higher than 138 goes great with heavy leather. And 207 and higher is recommended for heavy-duty boots and saddles.

Bottom Line

Sewing leather material is exciting and creative but only with the correct thread. Yes, you read it right. Your stitches and decorative won’t look good if the thread you have chosen is not of the suitable type, size, and color. Therefore before planning a leather sewing project, you must know enough about the leather threads and sewing process. Once you are done with the purchase of the right thread, nothing can stop you from producing the best masterpiece.


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