Canvas vs Leather: Which One To Choose?


Are you looking for an aesthetic bag, shoes, or other products made with canvas or leather? What is bothering you? If the bag’s material is what makes you feel confused, you are at the right spot. Bags are lovely gifts for your loved ones.

Even if it’s about your wardrobe collection, they can add a classic touch. But the typical part of buying a bag or any other product is choosing between canvas and leather.

Be it for work, fashion, events, or traveling, the material of your product matters the most. Therefore, good guidance is pretty helpful.

Both leather and canvas have gained enough popularity based on different factors. The most common type of canvas used these days is waxed canvas.

 It is known to be amazingly resistant to water and other conditions. Whereas leather is an all-time favorite when it comes to bags and shoes, You are comparing an animal by-product with a plant by-product.

 It is not going to be that easy; hence, we are here to help you out. Let’s look at the comparison we have made for you to get the best one according to your needs and desires.


In terms of durability, both of them are incredible. Their long-lasting features enhance their value. Be it a high-quality leather bag or a waxed canvas bag, it can offer you exceptional durability with proper care. Some people like the look these bags give over time. It is the reason why leather and canvas are considered lifelong options for bags and shoes.

  • Water Resistance

The ability to handle water and liquids is what matters the most when it comes to the purchase of products. If you prefer high-quality leather, it will deteriorate with water absorption because of the absence of synthetic coating. The coated one will not give you that aesthetic look of leather over time. You are not going to notice the natural patina due to the synthetic coating on the leather.

On the other hand, waxed canvas is well known for its water resistance. The ability to keep the water away from the material is what attracts the buyers. The product made of the waxed canvas has a smoother look and stands well against various conditions. It may feel harder than high-quality leather but is especially popular for outdoor usage. 

  • Cleaning

No one wants to own a dirty or stained product. Therefore, it is vital to pay attention to the cleaning factor. The material must be easy to clean. High-quality leather is not water-resistant; hence, any type of residue or oil sticks to it easily. Therefore, you may need to clean it after every use. Moreover, daily cleaning with a damp or dry cloth is not enough for leather. Leather requires thorough cleaning every year, too, with a specific product. 

Whereas cleaning waxed canvas bags is easier. You can simply clean them every few days and not daily. Thorough cleaning is unnecessary if the bag has no stains or stubborn dirt. A waxed canvas bag can handle dust and a few scuffs.

  • Maintenance

Every piece of equipment and material requires maintenance to last longer. Leather needs lubrication every year with a leather conditioner. You can rub it inside out. And dry it with a clean cloth. On the other hand, waxed canvas needs rewaxing when the waterproofing damage is noticed. A hairdryer and a wax tin will do the job. Softening the wax and applying it to the bag is pretty simple; you can do it easily at home.

Now that you are well aware of the factors to consider before buying a good bag, you should also have a look at the pros and cons of both canvas and leather..

  • Canvas 

Unlike in earlier times, canvas products are now available in different sizes, colors, shapes, and designs. At first, the canvas was made from hemp plants, but now it can be made from cotton with a wax coating to offer water resistance ability. 


  • Canva can be in a variety of designs depending on your needs. Canvas is a versatile option for bags and shoes. 
  • Accessories made of canvas are pretty lightweight. 
  • This sturdy bag material is highly suitable for carrying heavy objects, even for a long time.
  • The maintenance is not that typical as compared to other fabric options.
  • This plant by-product saves you from using animal skins.
  • It is exceptionally durable against multiple weather conditions because of its waterproofing ability.


  • They are not much into fashion. Instead, they are casual. But, because of their waxy coating, canvas bags give a dynamic, sporty look.
  • not suitable for events or formal outfits.


Leather has been used for fashion accessories for years. They are well known for their timeless beauty and elegance, which is impossible with any other material. Leather is known to last for years with proper care and maintenance. Not only for bags, but it’s popular for shoes, clothes, and other accessories as well.


  • The long-term serviceability of leather adds more value to it. 
  • The natural leather patina enhances the beauty and gives a classic touch to the accessory with time.
  • It is always a top priority for buyers, especially regarding bags.


  • Leather needs proper care and maintenance to last a long time.
  • Its water resistance ability is not good.
  • These bags or shoes require professional repair when they get damaged.
  • Leather is more expensive as compared to other materials.
  • Not eco-friendly

Wrapping Up

Leather or canvas? Which one to choose for a new bag, shoes, or others? We hope you received your response at the end. But still, purpose plays a vital role. Choosing between leather or canvas can be easier when you are clear about the purpose of the purchase. Leather can be formal and classy. Whereas canvas is a versatile and sturdy option.

 So, it depends on your needs. Think about what you want and then compare them. You will end up with the most suitable option for your bags or shoes. 


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