An Expert’s Guide on Sewing Leather


Sewing leather seems like a daunting task for many if you don’t have the right set of tools.

Not sure how to sew the leather? Leather is one of the oldest materials that has been popular for different things like bags, jackets, and others. People wonder whether they can sew leather or not. 

If you have a high-quality sewing machine that can easily handle leather, you can definitely seamlessly stitch leather. There are certain tips that you need to know while sewing leather. 

Different types of a presser foot for sewing leather

How to sew your leather is all about changing the presser foot. The regular presser foot sticks with leather, preventing the correct stitching of leather. Changing the pressure effort to Teflon allows you to easily slide over leather. The Teflon straight stitch foot is a type of non-stick presser which offers effortless stitching of leather.

Apart from that, working can also serve well for showing leather. The Accu-feed system is available in a walking form and is an excellent choice for stitching leather.

The presser roller foot is also a stunning choice for the sewing machine. This process features a mini rolling pin, which is built-in within the space effort so that it doesn’t stick with the leather at times of sewing. 

Replace the needles for leather sewing

You can try changing needles for stitching leather. replace the regular needle and place the leather needles, allowing you to easily stretch and there’s leather. You must have extra needles on hand in case one of the needles breaks.

The leather Sewing needles are perfect for stitching leather because they come with a specialized cutting wedge that easily inserts well into the leather, making smaller holes compared to regular needles. They are available in different thicknesses and different sizes, stitching well inside the leather. 

Change the length of the stitching

Make sure to use a longer stitch length as compared to the normal stitch that we use for regular clothes. When you sew leather, you need to have a 3.5 stitch length. If the stitching length is too short, you may end up with multiple holes in the leather, weakening your piece.

If the stitching length is very long, then it will result in black holes, which do not seem very beautiful, which is why the perfect stitching length is 3–3.5.

The right choice of threads

For sewing leather, you need to have the right threads. Avoid using cotton thread for stitching leather because tannins are present in leather, which erodes over time. Make sure to use nylon or polyester threads with heavy-duty and allow top stitching of leather, making it look aesthetically appealing to the user.

The cotton threads are not that strong and they easily break. Apart from that, you can use the pure silk thread, which works well for thin leather, but for thicker leather layers, you will need the polyester thread for sure. 

Leather taping makes your leather sewing aesthetically pleasing

Avoid using pins on the leather and instead, use leather taping because pins can leave permanent holes in your leather products. leather pieces together with taping. Make sure to use double-sided tape and choose the double-sided tape that comes with a dispenser.

You just need to apply the tape line between two different pieces of leather that you plan to see and then tape the entire leather average without leading to any e-holes. The seamless leather stitching makes your leather construction great. The double-sided tape prevents the leather from any stretching or shifting, which means you can have a seamless finish.

Do the leather test patch first before you sew leather

Whenever you sew the leather, make sure that you test it first. Stitches on leather are unforgiving, which is why it is essential that you sew the fabric properly. You can also use scrap leather to test the thread, tension, and general performance of the machine, along with the stitch length.

For the best sewing machine for canvas and leather, you need to plan first. As you are making projects in bulk, it is important that you choose machines that work well on leather with minimal faults. Make sure to choose the designs and patterns that work well with your machines, allowing you to get the perfect product in the end. 

Wrapping Up:

Leather is one of the first materials that was used by humans for all kinds of purposes. At first glance, we usually wonder that leather sewing is a difficult task. Avoid patterns or designs with very thick layering if you’re planning your own leather sewing project. Most home sewing machines can only sew through three layers of medium-weight leather.

But with the correct machines and the correct choice of thread, you can ultimately end up with the best leather sewing.


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